Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Ponchik 2012

I love PONCHIK.  It's a great comfort food.    And you know exactly what's in it.    The one and only bakery that made this wonderful tasty PONCHIK no longer makes them.  I am so disappointed.   They have Pirashiki and other wonderful pastries, but ... no "ponchik".    Very sad.   But, luckily I have this recipe, and this is my 3rd or the 4th try with it.   This is the best one with the beautiful texture and puffiness and softness.   If you have not tried making PONCHIK - recipe in previous posting, I recommend it.   It's fun to watch them puff up in the deep frying oil, and get the satisfaction of home made fried donuts.
Try it!
Tip:  Do not add water, except 1/4 C to dissolve yeast.  Yogurt is enough to moisten the flour and form a nice smooth dough.     In addition to the ingredients listed, add 2 TBsp of Gluten.

Yeast 1pkg
Warm Water 1 cup  1/4 cup
Sugar 1tbs
Salt 1/2 tsp
Oil 3 tbs,
Yogurt 1 cup,
Eggs 2
Flour 2-3 cups       Plus 2 TBsp of Gluten
Combine first 3 ingredients and let rest for 5 minutes.
Then add next 4 and combine them well.
Add the flour 1 cup at the time, and mix well, you might need more or less flour. Knead for few minutes (The dough should be smooth and not sticking to your hand) and let rest for an hour.

Here is my PONCHIK photo journal.

 Roll it out and Round it.  Let it rise in a slightly greased bowl with cover.

 4:30 am!  Wow! almost forgot.  
 Punch down and form into balls.    Rest.
 Time to portion and rest.
 Roll into any shapes you want.
 I decided to use the electric skillet with the temperature control.  This saves me time from controlling the gas stove to remain in the 350'F - 365'F.
Tip:  Don't forget to 'dab' on the dough once it is placed in the frying oil.     Dabbing motion on the dough helps to separate the dough and in rising.   Seeeee!?

 Scraps can be formed into braids.   If you have a extra helper in the kitchen, you could form it into another ball, rest it, portion it, then, roll it out and fry it.     I was running out of time, so I braided them.

 Wow! my co-workers would love this.

 Shake in a plastic bag filled with Ceylon Cinnamon and sugar or Creme Chantilly or Pastry Cream or Creme Chantilly with Fruits Preserve?  or how about chocolate mousse?     I have not found a good ingredient combination to make the cream like the ones that the Deli Bakery made.  

 And use "coffee filter" to filter the cooking oil to remove flour sediments and ready for use the next time.

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