Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pandan & Persian Chiffon Birthday Cake with Crane Over the Sun

August is a special month this summer.    Very busy with school, family gatherings, volunteer work at the local event, and a wonderful vacation with my grandchildren.   For my mother's birthday this year, I was not too sure what pattern I would like to decorate the cake with.    Or maybe just order it from the bakery.     While I was at the office working, several images came to mind - Turtle, KOI, Dragon and Phoenix, and Crane.    I did some Internet search, and I came upon one of my favorite art on the "hanafuda" Japanese game card - a Crane over a Sun.     I was not sure if I want to make it into a 3D shape or just use a gel to decorate it on the cake's surface, etc.   As I was putting the cakes together, I saw the extra scraps.   I decided to use them just enough to raise the design on top of the cake to make it stand out.  

Prepare - 1 Pandan Coconut Chiffon Cake; 1 Persian Love Cake    Sliced across into halves

Whip 1 Cup Heavy Whip Cream with 1 Tbsp sugar.  
Mix enough apricot preserve with butter knife in a bowl to soften it.  There should be enough to cover one layer of the cake

3 egg whites - Bain Marie
1 stick butter - Soft
1 Cup Sugar - divided into 2/3 Cup for egg whites and 1/3 cup for butter; use 'fine' sugar if you have it

Beat egg whites over bain marie and add sugar gradually while a stick of butter is beaten in a mixer with 1/3 cup of sugar.   Once the egg white has reached meringue consistency - stiff peak but still "shiny" remove from the heat.    Butter should be pale and fluffy.   Place the butter bowl over a bowl of ice with ice water to keep it cool (especially in summer where the kitchen temperature is above 75'F).    Scoop 3rd of the meringue into the butter and mix.  Then, add the next.   Set it aside in a refrigerator while you are assembling the cake, whip cream and apricot preserve into layers.
Frost the cake with butter cream and decorate.


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