Friday, January 06, 2012

Calissons de Polly

During my research for class report I came across another wonderful confectionery.    My report could have been on any of the known pastry or foie gras, but interestingly in the book of Culinaria France, Calissons d'AIX caught my interests.   The region even has Calissons festival each year in September.     As mysterious and delicious as Canneles de Bordeaux to the world, Calissons d'Aix en Provence is another confectionery mystery that I took interest in.    The making of Calissons took several weeks.    First, several homemade candied fruits have to be prepared.... of course, you can buy premade candied fruits somewhere, but I made candied watermelons from my one and only one homegrown watermelon of the year, then made candied honeydews.  Both took a couple of weeks to dry (view my November 2011 blog:; and candied clementines; also homemade almond paste.    Just to make sure that my calissons are like the Calissons d'AIX , I even ordered the authentic confectionery from France, ,, just to make sure.    Calissons d'AIX is served as part of the Thirteen Desserts of Christmas served on the Christmas eve in France.    Each region add their regionally known product as part of the thirteen desserts of Christmas and AIX-en-Provence is famous for Calissons.   My calissons turned out delicious and became an enjoyable favorites at our Christmas treats.


  Butter the aluminum foil and powder with rice flour.   Bake to dry in oven at the lowest temperature 120'F until dry but not 'cracked'... check every 5 minutes.
 I used the small fondant leaf mold to cut out the calisson.    I find the size to be just perfect to enjoy the morsel in one bite.

 Calissons d'AIX Provence par Polly

 Delicious!!  Crisp sugar top - a bite would burst the bitter sweetness of orange flavor from the candied clementine rinds, tanginess dances around the mouth and mellowed out by the mellony taste from the candied watermelon and honeydew, all brought together by the nutty almond paste with the blessing of the rice wafer.

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