Friday, April 09, 2010

Life is a Beautiful Colors

 Like many other Easter celebration day, our family gathered last weekend to Rejoice in the Day.  My grandchildren had a great time coloring eggs and enjoyed company of their uncles and great grand mother...  Life is truly a beautiful colors.  Instead of the usual ham or whatever the norm for the Easter gatherings, I decided to serve the Puff-Goes-the-Chicken Pot Pie.  We had fun making it and loved each other's company.
Decided to bake the puff pastry separately.  To serve 12, the pot pie mixtures were baked in turkey roasting pan.  Since the puff pastry depends on the its own 'steam' (from moisture) / butter to puff up, too cover such a large open moist surface over the roasting pan would be too risky.  Before the Puff could even start to bake, it would have collapsed into the pot pie and turned into a glob.  Luckily the plan worked.  For next time, it will be individual pot pie.  I am hoping to get one of those ramekins in the round shape with lion handles... something like that to make it look prettier.

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