Friday, October 15, 2010

Lime Chiffon Pie

Finally got some Lime that have gotten ripe.  This is one crazy year.  Some of the plants are not ripening at all.  But, rather than the weather at fault, I think I don't have enough "gardening" knowledge to give them the boosts.

I am really pressed with the time, so I am going to post photo journals first and then, return with details.

The next day, when I was ready to serve, I was so surprised by the boo boo.  I did not process the agar agar powder correctly and caused the pie to go flat after 18 hours.  My co-workers were gracious to still try some.  Tasted good, but flat.... hmmm... that really got me to test the agar agar powder that evening.  Yep - it's made to work just like it is suppose to.  It was my fault.  I did not melt the granules of powder until fully dissolved.  So, the pie fell flat.  It was so disappointing.  My hand-whipped meringue was so beautiful....   Will do better the next time.

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