Friday, October 01, 2010

Le Pain Francais Test 1 - Julia Child (French Bread)

This is my photo journal of the quest for the better home baked French Bread, baguettes, and the rest of the wonderful products that we can produce from the basic ingredients of flour, yeast, salt, and water.  Since I tested baking baguettes nine times in my kitchen, and only two are satisfactory.  It's time to start all over and find the right technique fit for my kitchen environment.  Again, just like Canneles de Bordeaux - simple ingredients, but the result of the product depends on the execution of all the steps involved in preparations and various techniques to produce the desire baked goods - the one I can really sink my teeth in and smile and say "that's Good."  There is only one thing that keeps me from baking in the summer is the baking temp -  450'F.  It's kind of crazy to turn the oven on to 450'F when it's still hitting 95' F outside.  But my gas bill is quite interestingly low in the summer and kitchen temperature is perfect for proofing the bread dough.  Got to do it.  I've tested several bread formula, but I decided on Julia Child's. Her TV show inspired me.  I have been watching Julia Child and Master Chef program on KVIE-2 channel and saw how effortlessly she prepared food in her home kitchen.  I found her French Bread - Pain Fraincais posted by ... my goodness, I don't have it saved..  I will properly give a proper credit later once I locate the blogsite, but the formula given according to this blogger is from "Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Volume Two by Julia Child and Simone Beck".  The procedures is very long... 3 - 4 pages long, but that's okay.  The more info the better.  So, this is Test 1 result.  Baked on Wednesday, 9/29/10.  The Test #2 I completed tonight 9/30/10 came out even better.  (Double click on the image to enlarge details.)

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