Friday, June 11, 2010


I used the other half of the SHIRATAMAKO (glutinous rice flour) left from making DAIFUKU MOCHI to make my favorite childhood treat - MITARASHI DANGO  I found this recipe at

Since I only had 1 Cup of SHIRATAMAKO left, it weighed 129 grams.  But I noticed the quantity of water is the same as the flour's, so I added 129 ml of hot water as well.

Serves 4
Tools:  1 small saucepan; 1 medium saucepan; measuring cups and scale. Large spoon; ladle;

a Bowl with water (room temp); plastic wrap; 4 short bamboo skewers, if you have any; Whisk; special Japanese style over the stove burner to brown the DANGO.

SHIRATAMKO 250 g   ("glutinous rice flour", but use Japanese "SHIRATAMAKO")
Hot water 250 ml

MITARE (sweet sauce for the DANGO)
Sugar 100 g
Soy sauce 50 ml
MIRIN   30 ml   (Japanese cooking wine)
Water 180 ml
Potato starch 20 g

You will be Kneading the dough, so make sure the water is not heated too hot to handle.

Heat water to medium hot.  Mix SHIRATAMAKO together with hot water (Not too hot)
Mix thoroughly.  (Double click on photos to read some particular notations.)
Transfer the dough mixture to a work surface.  Very sticky at the beginning, but keep mixing.  As the temperature cools and well mixed, it forms into a smooth ball.  
Roll into 1" diam rope.  Cut the rope into equal pieces.  For 1 Cup of SHIRATAMAKO, depending on the size of the rounds, it should yield 15, 1 inch rounds.
Roll the dough between your palms and form into balls.  In the meantime, boil a pot of water in a medium saucepan.  When ready, put rice balls in to cook - 2 to 3 min. 
Stir once to release the balls from the bottom of the pan. 
Then rice balls would float to the top.
Cook one more minute.
Transfer to bowl of water or right on top of sheet pan covered with KATAKURIKO - potato starch.  Or just let it cool in a bowl of water.
The ball should look translucent all around and in center.

Prepare the MITARE.
In a small saucepan, Mix sugar, soy sauce, MIRIN, water, potato starch together.
Cook over medium heat.  In the beginning the mixture would look pasty, but soon as it heats up, it starts to thicken and look translucent.  Continue to stir to keep from burning the sauce at the bottom.  Cook for one more minute.  It should look very sticky.
Remove from heat.
Arrange the DANGO balls on a short skewer stick.  Roll it in the MITARE to coat or spoon the MITARE over and around the DANGO, if the sauce has cooled and thickened.  


You can BBQ the DANGO on stick over open gas stove or over the special cooking rack to brown the DANGO.  Be aware that DANGO would seem to start to expand as it heats up.  Do not let it "Puff out".  Keep the stick rolling just to get a bit of browning.  Then, dip the MITARE SAUCE on and serve.

After the DANGO on sticks are cooled, wrap in plastic wrap to store.

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