Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Traditionally in summer, instead of UDON (hot style Japanese noodle soup), we enjoy HIYASHI SOBA, the cold noodle.  I sometimes use SOBA, sometimes SOMEN, and sometimes, Angel Hair PASTA.

Serves 4
1 package of SOMEN or SOBA (3 rolls)
2 eggs
1 tsp sugar
pinch of salt
1 Tb water
1/2 Tb vegetable oil
1 large cucumber or English cucumber
1/4 lb Ham

3 Tb Soysauce (Low sodium)
6 Tb Rice Vinegar
2 tsp+ Sugar to taste
2 Tb Sesame Oil

Prepare the SOMEN or SOBA as directed.   Rinse with \cool water.  Set Aside.
Beat 2 eggs with sugar and salt and water.   Visually divide the beaten eggs into 2 or 3 egg 'pancake' - 8" to 10" round (frying pan size).
Over medium low heat, fry the beaten egg to make thin egg 'pancake'.  If you have rectanglur frying pan, that is okay, too.  Flip the whole egg sheet over to brown the other side.
Transfer to a plate to cool completely.  Repeat with the rest of the beaten eggs.
Julian cut all cucumbers and ham.
Cut egg sheets into thin strips.

The sauce is suppose to taste sweet and tart salad dressing like.  Mix all sauce ingredients together, except sesame oil.  Add more or less sugar to taste. 
Arrange noodle in a plate.  Top cucumbers, ham strips, and egg strips.
Drizzle with Sesame Oil - no more than 1 to 1-1/2 tsp per plate (or it will taste bitter and greasy - what we want is the 'aroma' of sesame oil.)
Spoon the sauce over the noodle.  Enjoy.

Variation:  Slice bell peppers, add blanced bean sprouts, if you like.
I like to eat mine 60% cucumbers 35% noodle, 2.5% ham, 2.5% egg strips.  I also like to add a bit of NANAMITOGARASHI - Japanese ground 7 (seven) flavor Chili Pepper with the sauce.

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