Friday, October 16, 2009

Thai Premium Tea vs Thai Tea

More information on the Thai Tea fan.
There is Thai Tea without food color.
Obviously there are community of Thai tea loving citizens discussing how to make the best Thai Tea at home and concern with the food color in some of the Thai tea brand.
Sribhud Thai iced tea at
and at Wirun - the website is still under construction.
Both vendors claim to sale "Premium Thai Tea" without color added.
Update:  So, I finally got this Premium Thai Iced Tea, 1lb/pack from or
The taste is wonderful.  When you perk/brew it for 7-10 minutes, the aroma of the Black Tea is quite strong, so is the taste.  When the condensed milk and milk are added, mixed, and poured over the glass of ice - the taste is wonderful.  & the best -part - no food color.

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