Monday, May 11, 2020

Stuck at Home Breakfast

How many different recipes or inventive menu have you come up with during the self-quarantined "Stay Home", Be Safe, from COVID-19?
Between my family and I, I think we were cooking more at home than ever.  Not that we don't enjoy eating out, but ever since mid-March, a Lots of our Daily routines have changed and so has our daily menu.
Working at home made it challenging.  I need to to be able to stand up and work, and I don't have one of those ergonomic adjustable table at home, so I moved my workstations to my kitchen counter top.  I was sitting far too long in my home office desk.  Even though I make it a point to stand up and walk around the house, up and down the stairs intentionally.  My kitchen counter became my favorite place.  It's bright and I can work standing up or sitting down when I need to.
One of my old favorite and very dependable tested recipe is from Alton Brown's "Good Easts 2" - Cinnamon Rolls recipe in there.  I can make it every time, it stays the fluffy and tender the longest even after a day... that is if it got any left.
Interesting thing is that for whatever reason, this batch of dough didn't rise as expected.  I was very concerned that the yeast has gone bad??  The dough looked too plasticky for many hours.  Don't know what is going on but I went ahead and prepped it, and the result - a tasty breakfast.
I divided the dough into halves and made something else with the others.

 They don't look very live even after a day.
Bake them anyways.   Looks very promising.  They are rising.
 Ready for frosting.
 Very good!

Next one is the Souffle Hotcake made from Single Egg. (It was posted previously.)  That was really good.  It turned out great.  It was like after testing 3 other recipes?  This one was the best.

Then, I tried Korean Twist Donuts I saw on the YouTube.
I had just as much fun watching this lady giving instructions and making them.  I learned how to make the twist donuts quite good looking. 
 Hold one of the dough on the work surface and roll to twist the other end with the palm of the other hand.  Fold in half.  Press the ends together well and tuck.
Fry in Electric skillet with temp control is very convenient.  I like to use this skillet because it's without Teflon.  I tilted one end of the skillet because I did not have enough oil to cover the whole skillet and deep enough to fry properly.    See what happens when the ends of the donuts are not pinched tight.  The ends will unwind as they expand during frying.
Place in paper bag with sugar and cinnamon to coat the donuts.
 Not bad looking and tasty donuts.
I think I made the Green onion pancakes a lot.  It is so simple.  And I got enough Green onions in my garden to make some every 1-1/2 to 2 weeks on  warm days. They are posted under Taiwanese Green Onion Pancake blog.
Mother's Day Banana Cake

Keep SAFE... Don't be Selfish... STAY HOME - whenever and IF you can and Enjoy Home Cookings.  
IF YOU JOG - DON'T EXPEL YOUR BREATH into the open air to contaminate - WEAR MASK!! 

Friday, April 03, 2020

Amy's Quick SUKIYAKI Dinner

There is always a room for a good learning on the How To's in making dinner quickly.  And I had a chance in watching my daughter-in-law make this delicious SUKIYAKI in a unique way.
This is the photo journal on how it was done.
Obviously, at Sunnyvale's COSTCO, they cater their cuts of beef slices for the clients who love Asian style dishes.

Lasagna style layers of NAPPA leaves, then, slices of SUKIYAKI beef.

 Cut them into halves to fit the NABE - the Rondeau pot will do.
In a separate pot, precook the sliced DAIKON with - about 1/4 C of rice together till tender.
 Layer with other family favorites - onions, carrots, shrimps, etc.
 It looks so beautiful all by itself, but got to cook them.
 After a while - ready for serving in a bowl.
 or family style.  "I-TA-DA-KI MASU!"  

Polly's Souffle Pancake for One

Finally came up with the right amount of ingredients to make the "Fluffy"  Souffle Pancake.  The mixed batter would hold up its shape when scooped onto the top of the griddle or hot pan without mold.

My formula makes 2 medium size souffle pancakes with: 1 egg
1 large Egg, separated. 
Mix scant 1/4 C flour with 1/2 tsp B Powder, 2 tsp sugar, 3/4 Tbsp milk.
Mix into thick batter.  Cover. Set aside.  
Meringue:  Whip egg white into froth, add 1 tsp sugar, whip 1 min.
Add 1 more tsp sugar, increase speed to medium, beat 2 min.
Add last 1 tsp of sugar, beat at high until stiff peak form.
( The well beaten meringue's Tip should stand up tall. )
Mix 1/3 C into the batter and make the batter light.
Pour the batter into meringue. Fold to mix well.
Make sure to find a Top Hat like cover Lid, so the pancake would not get squashed down.
Over low heat, brush the pan with butter slightly.
Evenly pour a moundful of batter about 1/2 C onto the heated pan.
(1/2 C  ice-cream scoop with release mechanism will be helpful.  )
Cover.  Cook for 3 min. over low heat.
The cover helps build up the heat and steam to create a tender crumb.
You have the option to add more batter on the top, then, flip or flip as is.
Turn the pancake over gently. Cover and cook 2 min.
Serve with delicious whip cream.
This is my first try with this formula.  I need to do it again to make sure that it will turn out the same the next time.  The secret was in the batter.  The batter cannot be liquidy.  After watching a professional Korean Souffle Pancake maker, the batter or the cake mix is very thick.  But the first 1/3 C of the meringue helps it become fluffy.  The thick batter help the meringue mixture to hold it's shape during the cooking.  That is what I noticed.  So, have fun!

 I used a BBQ Grill cooking cover.
 3-1/2 min for this larger size pancake for one side.  Shorter period for the smaller cake - 2 min.
 Flip and cook 2-1/2 min more over low heat.  2 min for for the smaller cake.

 The texture is moist and soft.  Almost resembling Chiffon Cake.