Friday, April 03, 2020

Amy's Quick SUKIYAKI Dinner

There is always a room for a good learning on the How To's in making dinner quickly.  And I had a chance in watching my daughter-in-law make this delicious SUKIYAKI in a unique way.
This is the photo journal on how it was done.
Obviously, at Sunnyvale's COSTCO, they cater their cuts of beef slices for the clients who love Asian style dishes.

Lasagna style layers of NAPPA leaves, then, slices of SUKIYAKI beef.

 Cut them into halves to fit the NABE - the Rondeau pot will do.
In a separate pot, precook the sliced DAIKON with - about 1/4 C of rice together till tender.
 Layer with other family favorites - onions, carrots, shrimps, etc.
 It looks so beautiful all by itself, but got to cook them.
 After a while - ready for serving in a bowl.
 or family style.  "I-TA-DA-KI MASU!"  

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