Saturday, November 12, 2022

Air Fryer Testing - Gourmia - the Canary Killer

 I bought this air fryer at COSTCO for $39.  I thought it's time to give the Air Fryer a try.  I have been satisfied with the countertop electric convection oven frying my French Fries, but with so many advertisement proudly displaying a nice crispy French Fries on the boxes, I thought it must be different and superior.  Well, the Gourmia I bought was nothing but a terrible hazard to health air fryer.

I was so happy to get one, and I tried making French fries and air fry vegetables.   The box has a big message stating that there will be Odors during the heating.  I thought it will be a minor odor just for the 1st few minutes, if longer - maybe 10 minutes the most.  But this appliance emitted Teflon fume in the house that I could not breath, and if I had a Canary in the house, it would surely had killed it.   I had my kitchen window, patio door, three fans and exhaust fans all going to get rid of the toxic fume.  The odor lingered on curtains and each every room for 2 days even with full house air cleaner going and even after spraying with the Lysol.  So, Sadly, I returned it.

Oh dear, the basket is Teflon coated.  Not Stainless Steel. 

Cooked too long.  Can't see without opening it each time.
Test Air Frying cabages.
Test air frying French fries.
Kept on looking for the Air Fryer with Stainless Steel interior, but apparently it is some kind of Teflon conspiracy to sell Teflon till out of stock.  But this Gourmia's Teflon fume was  just horrible.

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