Wednesday, February 19, 2020


So, there are several new hot pastries going around that many folks have successfully been able to reproduce them at home.  I tried, but not with good results.
The Photo Journal.
Paper rings... hmmm.... really??
I guess they hold up.
But looks like my rings are too high.
Cover to cook.  Remove to check if bubbly and browned at the bottom.
Flip them over.

Not Bad.... interesting.   Too much work and time.

 Not the texture I like.  But I really like the Crown Maple Syrup with Bourbon flavor.
Then there are other Chiffon Hot Pancake, etc.  Which one had you a luck with that you want to share?  I tried two other ones, but not happy with the result.  I will stick with my Best Buttermilk Pancake.
       Best Buttermilk Pancake           Best Buttermilk Pancake with Flaxseed Mill and Cinnamon

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