Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Polly's AVOCADO Tree

This post is about my AVOCADO tree. Sadly, it died after the second year.  It was born from a HAAS Avocado seed.  It survived the harsh Sacramento winter and summer the first year.  Wrapped up during the winter and then in spring at 6 ft tall, it flowered.  No fruits.  Then, on the second year, it flowered after surviving another cold winter wrapped up in Christmas lights till spring.  That summer, it produced 10 avocados?  They were great.  No bruises and early rottening here and there when you cut in.  Nutty and tasty.  Then on the third spring, just when it bloomed with lot more flowers than ever, 2019's strange spring weather pattern - skipping the warm 70's to 80's temp and went straight to 75 - 89'F temp - killed it.  So, sad.  But I am thankful for the fruits that I experienced from the home grown - AVOCADO.

Beautiful Avocado blossoms.

Beautiful Avocado.  When the size is just right, crop it and left in brown paper bag to ripen.
 I found out that the cut Avocado can be saved to stay in great color for a couple of days in the refrigerator when sprinkled with Tanjin.
 The trunk is still half tender even after 2 years.

According to some professional and university's agriculture sites, I did not give enough water, then, there is also over watering or the root rot, including sunburn.  I think it's all of the reasons or because I made the biggest mistake one day by giving the steer manure.  I noticed all citrus trees did not like the steer manure.  I also almost killed my dwarf lime tree.  Luckily I was able to save the lime tree.  Its leaves burnt/browned and dropped.  Immediately, I covered it with cloth to keep it out of sun.  I left it covered for about four months past the hot summer.  It started to regrow the new leaves.  But I was not able to save the beautiful avocado tree.  I painted its branches with white latex paint, but it was burning from inside - "I think".  Even though I tried to remove the manure, then I watered it for many days, it eventually died into skeleton.  Do better next time.
This is the strange volunteer AVOCADO tree that has been growing amongst the vegetable garden for the past three years.  I do not cover it in the winter or in summer to protect it, etc. and it's been surviving.  But it's hasn't gotten taller than a foot.  Will see how it will turn out.

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