Monday, October 08, 2018

Q-RI MEN - Cucumber and Noodle

Q-RI (Cucumber) + MEN (Noodle).  I have been trying to eat a Cucumber a day.  It's not always to find a good cucumber.  Even a home grown cucumber would shrivel up so quickly if left forgotten on the kitchen counter.  But I find a easy way to enjoy them.
Chop up one or two slices of ham - no Nitrite, etc.
Scramble 1 egg with 1 tsp of water, 1/2 tsp of sugar.  Pan fry in low heat to make a sheet of crepe.
Remove the julienne the egg crepe.
Peel Cucumber and process it through Spiral Vegetable slicer to make Cucumber Noodle.
Boil noodle of your choice - RAMEN.  Boil Instant RAMEN in boiling water for 3 min. but no more than 3 min.   *Instant RAMEN is really not good for you.  Find fresh RAMEN if you can.

Strain RAMEN when cooked and Rinse with cold filtered water.
Assemble the noodle in any order you want.
If you have pickled DAIKON, add that, too.
Sprinkle with TAJIN or SHICHIMI TOGARASHI; Japanese Rice Vinegar.  If you would like you can mix the Rice Vinegar with some sugar to sweeten it slightly, if you would like.
You can also stir fry some ground pork or chicken; Add chopped green onions, curly parsley, cilantro, then - depending on how much you want to make - Add two tablespoon of Organic MISO; Add two tablespoon of water.  Stir to make into paste.  Sever over noodle with cucumber noodle (using spiral vegetable cutter.)  Serve with some rice vinegar and chopped garlic.   You can serve with pickled DAIKON, if you have some.
Pickled DAIKON that I make is really easy.  Select a fresh DAIKON.  Peel.  Then, julienne into 6 cm long, etc.  Boil the Rice Vinegar with Sugar (to your taste) and hot chili flakes or not, make sure the Mason Jar, Mason jar Lids, and Rings are sterilized accordingly.   Fill the sterilized Mason jar with fresh DAIKON and fill the jar with rice vinegar mixture.  Wipe clean the lips of the jar with 'clean' cloth or paper towel.  Seal the jar with sterilized lid and ring.  If the rice vinegar mixture is hot type, refrigerate after the jar after it is cooled off; otherwise, refrigerate the jar.  It's ready in one and half to two weeks. *it all depends on the methods.
You can eat with noodle or just with Cucumber noodle.