Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fresh Corn Juice or Soup or Stock?

While doing some health and food research in YouTube, I found information on the benefit of corn silk stock. My first batch using my home grown corn and corn silk was exciting.  As it is home grown without any pesticides.  This time I tried with store bought corn.  I am very hesitant about using the non-organic corn as normal corns are heavily sprayed with pesticides.   And I can smell them in the corns right at grocer's shelves.  But this is how I did it to assure clean stock produced from store bought corns.  
3 fresh corns with husk. 
Remove husks layers, and carefully retain corn silk in a bowl with strainer with cleaned corns.

Add water and rinse, strain. Repeat twice.  Then soak with filtered water.  Rinse after 5 minutes, then, soak again in filtered water for 10 minutes.
Fill a pot just enough to cover corns (with silk in the pot).  Cover the pot.  Bring to boil.  
Cook over high heat for three minutes. 
Do not open the lid.
Turn off the heat.
Wait 10 minutes.

Strain the stock and enjoy it hot or cold.

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