Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Rain in My Garden

This year's abundant spring rain brought many plants alive unexpectedly.  A few days of nice warm temperatures helped many plants to sprout and blossom in my garden.
This is YUZU tree.  (Hope it will survive the hot summer sun up here.)
 Wow!.  There are tons of maple seedlings growing.  It's supposed to be a tropical fruits seedlings in this planter.  Not sure what that large leaf plant is.  I should have labeled or recorded what tropical fruits I planted.  It will be a mystery... and of course, if it survive the hot summer up here.  Likely I need to built a tiny hot house over it during summer to help it.
 This is really a surprise.  I bought this Japanese maple tree at one of the Buddhist temple's bazaar last spring.  It was just a twig.  It was actually kind of half dead.  But look.  Thanks to the rain.  It's a beautiful red feather maple. 
 Took some maple seedlings out.
 Very interesting.  I know I planted some kind of tropical fruits' seeds... about three different types.  Not sure what they are.
 Transferred the red feather maple to my pretty pot.  Replanted Pineapple plant also.
Will find out this summer how all these will be doing.  Live or Let Die...

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