Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Looking Back - How Funny... My YouTube Postings

How funny this morning that I went back to review the YouTube postings I did a few years back.  What's funny is that since then I have learned quite a bit from my own experiences baking those same items and my methods have changed.  I was laughing to myself - "Really?" "That's a lot of work."   I only look at them as my passage of learning... but certainly as I have posted them to be viewed by the public I have the obligation to remove/replace a few of them.  Not that they are invalid any longer but I have a better easier method(s) - especially when it comes to folding of meringue into the main mixture to make Chiffon Cakes.   I do recall, however, when I was learning to make the Chiffon cake, folding of meringue was a big deal to me.  I've tried folding with balloon whisk, by hands the old fashion way, or spatula; occasionally, the tidbits of meringue were missed and show up as white puff in the cake.  But now, it's a whip.  It's not a good video recording as I did not do audio recording in most of them; but here is the link to take a peak and chuckle.\ 

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