Tuesday, September 08, 2015


This is one of my favorite recipe I enjoy.   Sometimes when I am really tired I want to just grab a bread at the store and just bite into it.  But considering how my body has been reacting to some of the processed food, I restrain myself often.   I wished the manufacturer would wear a new thinking hat and start new processing method with less preservatives and modify their sales coverage to think "local".
This is basically the HOKKAIDO MILKY LOAF that I learned from one of the bloggers.  I tested it by adding Tang Zong - 65' Roux and added Matcha,

Interesting part of this bread is that when it baked, the natural green color oxidized just like when drinking tea and is brownish light tan in color.  But after several days in refrigerator, the color looked more greener.  Can't quite figure that out.  Maybe because of my camera's filter setting.  
One slice of this bread would fill you up.   It's light, but it's equivalent to three slices of regular store bought breads.