Friday, January 09, 2015

Magic Bullet vs Nutri Bullet

During holiday season 2014, I came across a bargain opportunity to test out Magic Bullet vs Nutri Bullet.  They were both on sale at a great price at COSTCO.
I wanted to keep both, but that would add a lot of containers to my kitchen cabinet that I don't really have spaces for. 

The best way to decide is to test them out.   Blend the same ingredients and see which one is the winner.
This is Magic Bullet, the original size.   One thing I noticed with Magic Bullet brand's blade design that other blenders and mixers miss is the low profile of the blades to the bottom of the container and rather longer blades than other brands that make it super effective in what it does.   Technically, I am sure you can find its specification at their website, but that is my naked eye observation.
 So, how did it fare out?   Both are GREAT!

 Both Bullet did the job of mixing the drinks effectively and chopped and mixed and blended silky smooth.

I really like the extra containers of shakers and dispenser tops and small size container to store food.   If I had not purchased any other food processors in my kitchen, I would have selected the Magic Bullet.  I kept the Nutri Bullet, the larger size for its power.  Nutri Bullet for $68?  It's a great bargain to start a Healthy 2015.
Compare the drink blended by regular mixer (see below), I love the texture of the drink made by Magic Bullet or by Nutri Bullet.

Compare the top by Nutri Bullet and bottom by regular blender.  Mouth feel is quite different.

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