Friday, November 14, 2014

YOMOGI / KABOCHA Mochi Pancake

Mochi pancake is one of my father's favorite breakfast.   Ingredients are very very simple:  glutinous sweet rice flour, water, sugar, oil for cooking.
Let's say 1 cup of sweet rice flour, add enough water to mix till it is thick lava that when scooped and dropped from a tablespoon, the batter would swim down continuously and slowly to the bowl.
 Heat up a skillet over medium low heat.  Give a good 'coating' of cooking oil.  Wait for it to shimmer.  Add the batter and spread into pancake. Turn heat low high. Cover with a lid.   
Cook until bottom is beautifully browned. Move the skillet every couples of minutes to create even browning.  Turn it over and cook till beautifully browned.  Serve with sprinkles of sugar.  **!! Warning: Cut it open and cool before biting in.   Teach children to do 'Heat test' with their lips before biting into anything served hot.  All MOCHI products just cooked retain heat for a long period. 
Variation of mine here is adding 2 Tbsp of YOMOGI powder - Mugwart powder. Also I have tried with adding some of mashed cooked KABOCHA (Japanese Pumpkin).   Delicious!   Thanks Dad for this family recipe.
Kabocho Mochi Pancake

 Roast KABOCHA till tender
Add 8 oz of mashed KABOCHA into Sweet glutinous rice and sugar mixture.  Add vanilla extra, if you would like to.
 "Coat" the pan with cooking oil; spread the batter; and cook through.  Don't forget to Cover the pan with a Lid to help STEAM cook the MOCHI.

Serve with sugar or eat as is.  Kabocha has a natural sweetness to it.

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