Friday, May 09, 2014

Homemade Snow Cone Strawberry Syrup

Cool treats during the hot weather is challenging to prep, especially for children who depend on adult for them.  And it's challenging to find natural, organic, non-GMO, no artificial color ingredients, etc, etc.  Snow cone is fun to make and children love them.   But how about those artificially flavored and colored syrup?  There are varieties of flavors available, but I kind of decided to stay them away from my grand-children this year.  This year -- going natural.   Picked some fresh strawberries from the garden about 2 Cups.   Wash them, stem them, cut them, and boil them with 3/4 C of sugar until syrupy.

 Make snow ice in a bowl and top with homemade fresh strawberry syrup.
Eat up!G-kids.

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