Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ADA Aware Week in your Flour Product

There is no ADA Aware Week, of course.   Nowhere in the world.  I made it up.
But if you have not caught on or even aware that your local market's 'Fluffy' bread / flour products may contain this additive ADA - Azodicarbonamide in it, then, you should be curious enough to check into it.   And if you love to bake, be aware of the flour manufacturer's process.   Find out what Dough Conditioner chemicals are being used to manufacture your Flour -- Bromated vs Nonbromated, Bleached vs Unbleached;  Find out about market's Artisan bread vs Fluffy stay on the shelf well French Bread vs Home Baked Bread, etc.  These are all worth the research.

If you live in the parts of the world where ADA is not banned from the food:
http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-02-27/how-a-rubber-chemical-found-its-way-into-500-food-products   << this site has a pop up Ad that pops up.  Just don't touch the pop up Ad for about 5 seconds.  It should go away from the screen.  Or go to any other site that has ADA info.  In the search engine, type>  "ADA in flour" 

In this Businessweek site, it explains ADA as:  (straight copy from the site)
"Underlying the concerns are two chemicals released  when bread is baked with ADA: urethane, a recognized carcinogen, and semicarbazide, which causes cancers of the lung and blood vessels in mice but poses a negligible risk to humans, according to nonprofit advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest."
"The Food and Drug Administration approved ADA as a food additive in 1962, according to research by the Environmental Working Group. The additive gained popularity as a substitute for another common dough conditioner, potassium bromate, that was banned by California authorities in 1987 after it was found to cause cancer in test animals. etc, etc."

Here is the info in our very own FDA - But guess who those decision makers are and who did they work for before joining FDA.  

After all, we all foodies who love to bake depend on these flour manufacturers to provide us with 'Flour' but as they are not required to label non-food items on the label (at this time yet in many places), then, let's be aware.  

I think those home made HOKKAIDO Soft Loaves and TANG ZONG bread are the best.  Try some of these recipes found and posted by bloggers.  But please purchase Flour without the ADA for your family's health sake.