Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Turkey / Canadian Bacon and Egg Lavash Roll Sandwich

I don't know what happened to my Canon PowerShot camera back in January.  It stopped allowing me to view the subjects from the LCD panel.  It was in a middle of a KENDO family's New Years Dinner Party.  Murphy's law with my camera.  Always something seems  to go wrong on the day of important picture day.  Luckily I had my new NIKON 35mm to take its place.   I was about to throw away the PowerShot.  After all, it has been faithfully taking millions of photos since my grandson was born.  It's time, I thought.  Focusing through its viewing window was terrible.  It drops the subjects out of the grid, if you didn't remember to shoot the subject about 1/3 way down.  But one day, as a final resort, I took out its manual.  Took three hours to read through page after page, hoping to find out what had happened.  Then, there is one Single button on the camera that I have never touched that is labeled "DISP" was the answer.  As soon as I pressed it, LCD display lit up.  All this time, I thought it meant "Dispose" the shots taken, beside the Trash can icon, so I have never touched it.  But that was the answer... beside the point that a rubber band has been holding the battery compartment tight and all parts are dusty.   So some of the pictures were delayed to be uploaded and so did the food blog upkeeping.   But here they are.  Even though I noticed the majority of the visitors are only interested in the Pandan Chiffon Cake or Japanese Cheesecake, etc.   As I have explained to all before, this blog site is dedicated mainly for my family, and your visits are greatly appreciated.  As far as I know everyone in my Favorites are so far advance in their cooking that I am quite happy to learn from them.

So, this sandwich is made from a flat bread that is as large as Poster size.  It's called Lavash.  I found it at Koreana Plaza Market in Rancho Cordova where it sells variety of multinational food selection.  Out of curiosity, I purchased it, and found out that it is a large sheet of flat bread.  So, here and there, I enjoyed it in morning by toasting part of it and spread butter, then, honey; and I also made this sandwich roll.
Serves 2
Sliced Turkey Meat - brush with Olive Oil and grilled in George Foreman's Hamburger Grill
Canadian Bacon  brown them in the grill, too.
Salad >> out of Prepackaged Kale Mix purchased at COSTCO
Poppy salad dressing that came with the salad mix
Hard boiled eggs - sliced
Lavash flat bread - small 1/4 section
I love George Foreman's Hamburger Grill (counter top).  It's my favorite kitchen tool.  Use it to brown the turkey meat and bacon.
The rest is all up to your imagination to stack them up on the Lavash.   Dress up. Roll up.  And Enjoy!

 (*as you can see the camera is out of focus point without the LCD display system turned on.)

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