Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MITARE YAKI DANGO 2014 for the Party Dessert/Snack

This one was served at the gatherings of fellow Kendo mates.   We had a great time together.  And I brought the MITARE YAKI DANGO as desert/snack.
DANGO Ingredients:

250 g SHIRATAMAKO  Glutinous sweet rice

200 - 250  ml  hot water

**The amount of water depends on the type/process of Glutinous Sweet Rice you purchased.     *But Not the regular "Rice Flour".

**Start out with 150 ml of hot water, add more as you mix.  The dough should be as soft as ear lobe or marshmallow.)

Set a large bowl of water with strainer and set aside.
Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil.

Roll out the dough into a long rope and cut into 1 to 2 inch chunk.  Then, roll it between your palms to form into balls.     Place all the balls into rolling boiling water.   
They will sink.  Stir to let loose from the bottom of the pot.   Boiling water would calm down.
Cook till water comes to rolling boil again.   Control the heat, if needed to prevent liquid from boiling over the pot.  But keep steady boiling point.  
Cook for 1 minute longer.  Take one out to test.  Is the center cooked?  Translucent all way around?  Then, Done.   Remove from heat and dunk into a strainer over a large bowl of cold water.
Put three DANGO into a skewer.
Slow roast/grill on top - directly over a grill or on a non-stick pan.   Carefully not to let each strand touch each other.   When a bit of 'grill' marking is set on the DANGO proceed to spin MITARE around it.
MITARE Ingredient:

Sugar 100 g

Soy Sauce 50 mil

MIRIN 30 ml

Water 180 ml

KATAKURIKO (Potato starch) 20 g

Mix all liquid together, but saving 1/4 C to mix with KATAKURIKO.  Then, add the starch slur into the liquid mixture cook over medium low heat.

Stir continuously with Heat Proof spatula over medium low heat.  Liquid will evaporate quite a bit and thickens.     This process might take as long as 30 minutes

Note:  MITARE must be cooked until it is so thick that it would stick and cover the slippery heat proof spatula as you see on this photo.  Otherwise, the syrup would drip off the DANGO.

Take spoon and scoop the syrup, then, start wrapping the DANGO in one hand and the MITARE in the other spoon.  Spin around and around until all surface of the DANGO is covered. 
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Then, you might be lucky to have one of this at our next party.

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