Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tartine Baguettes Adventure #2

If you have been trying to bake Baguettes, etc, I recommend Tartine Bread book.  Here is my test #2 from the book.   I love their step-by-step photo illustration on how to form the bread.  I always had a difficult time describing it myself to others as well, so I am glad to have the examples to follow, at least as a great start in learning the how to's

Sprinkling the "Rice Flour" on the cloth definitely made a big difference when the time of transfer from the peel to the baking stone in the oven.

From the same dough.    Place the dough seam side up.  
And Turn it over onto a peel Seam side down.

Umm... .need some improvements on the scoring - I need sharp blade or lame!!!!  Not lame -- the lame blade.

Love to listen to the crackles sound after they come out of the oven.

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