Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shakers Lemon Pie

This is one of the pie that Shakers invented in early nineteenth-century when they settled in the New England area.   It is tangy and sweet at the same time.  Your mouth will feel refreshing after a moment of bitterness from the its pith.  The whole lemons are sliced 'very' thinly (after removing the seeds) and set overnight with a plenty of sugar.  (recipe to follow a bit later.)

After overnight, the sugar has melted into lemon slices.
*Be sure to use acid proof mixing bowl  or you will end up with metallic tasting pie.
Mix into beaten eggs.

Pour into prepared pie shells.

Cover with top pie shell.

Egg wash the top and bake.

After thought in technique:
1.  Slice the lemons into thin slices, then, cut each slice into smaller quarters following its natural division.  This will make it easier to slice the pie when ready to serve.  Otherwise cutting through the whole lemon slices in the pie will cause a 'landslide' and make it a bit messy.
2.  To keep the bottom pie shell from becoming soggy or dense, coat the bottom shell with beaten egg white before pouring in the lemon filling.   This technique will work well all other 'baking' pie with liquidy filling.
Enjoy it with whip cream or ice-cream.  Pucker up and enjoy the momentary bitterness, but followed by refreshing taste in the mouth. 

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