Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012 Halloween - Oreo Bat Cave Cake with Chocolate Glacage

For 2012 Halloween fun, I made this cake for cake auction for the office to raise holiday party funds.   I had fun making it .
The base cake is from the previously posted Persian Love Cake - chiffon cake.


Tools:  small stainless steel bowl for chocolate glacage, small pot, food processor, blender with whip, spatula, digital scale, knife to chop chocolate pistoles.

1 Chiffon Cake from Persian Love Cake recipe
1 pkg Oreo Cookies - remove the cream (discard cream or ??eat it?) - crumbled in food processor
2 Cups Heavy Cream 

Chocolate Glacage:
6 oz Dark unsweetened dark  chocolate pistoles - chopped
6 oz heavy cream
3 Tbsp soft butter

Cool the cake and slice into halves.
While the cake is cooling, whip the heavy cream to stiff peak.
Set aside in refrigerator.  Prepare Chocolate Glacage

 Chop up chocolate pistoles into small pieces and place in a heat proof bowl.
Heat a small pot with water.  Put into simmer.  The pot should be large enough to hold the bowl with chopped chocolate later to keep warm while the cake is being assembled.
Heat 6 oz heavy cream to boiling point.
Pour heated heavy cream over a bowl with chopped chocolate pieces.
Place the bowl over the pot of water in simmering heat.
 Spread 1 cup of whipped - stiff peak whip cream (no sugar added) on cake.
Top with crumbled Oreo cookies generously.  Then, top with another cup of whipped cream.
* Remove the chocolate glacage from the pot to let it start cooling.



Place the cake top.  Top with Oreo crumbled cookies.
Test the chocolate temperature.  When the chocolate coats the side of the bowl, it is ready for use.

Pour the chocolate glacage over the cake.  Let it drizzle down the side of the cake naturally.
Place a plastic bat mold to imprint the bat shape.
After 5 minutes, remove the bat mold.   Sprinkle the Oreo crumbles in the bat imprint.
Decorate with Black and Red Gel with shimmer around the bat, etc.

Consume while the Oreo crumbles remain crisp - serve immediately or within 2 hours.

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