Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bouchon Bakery Book Signing - I made it!

What a trip I had tonight!   I drove safely to Yountville, California tonight just to make it to the Bouchon Bakery for the book signing event.  But, of course, Chef Thomas Keller personally is there to sign the new book - Bouchon Bakery, with one of the co-authors Matthew McDonald.   I was the first in the line, but it was too early! they told me.  It's not open to the public until 6:30 pm!  They were going to have the private party first, then, it's to the public.  So I hung around - bought some pastries and checked out Bouchon Bakery's new setup - better Fong Suei flow, I see.  Oh, no!, they changed the lemon tart!  It's covered with meringue.   But I noticed, all products are filled beautifully in the display case.  

My damage?  $28 for four pastries and one Wagyu Brisket sandwich.  Still got an hour and 20 minutes to go.... so I decided to dine at the Pacific Blues.  I visited Yountville in 2010, funny thing is that it was because I was assigned in my culinary class to do research on who Chef Thomas Keller was, and I had a late lunch at the Bouchon Bistro one week, then, the other week I dined at the Pacific Blues in despair when I found out I could not get a table at the Ad Hoc for the 4 tries so I can taste the Fried Chicken!  but I end up as a very satisfied customer of the Pacific Blues (that is across the street from the Bouchon Bistro & Bakery).  This time, I ordered the fish of the day which I did the same thing back in 2010 - sauteed Halibut with sun dried tomatoes, served with mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach.   Then, I ended the meal with their ".... Trash Treats....."  that was a funny name for a dessert.

This is my very first book signing event ever that I attended.  Not knowing what to expect... oh my gosh!  although I was the first one to be in the line an hour and half ago, the line is now quite long.  The Bouchon Bakery book is not a light weight book by any means ... it weighs good 10 lb at least, and I have three.... I see some people holding five, and stayed in line for an hour ... Anyways, by the time it was my turn, Chef Thomas looked very tired.... I think they also tried to cut down on the Photo shooting request.  It was already 7:30 pm when it was my turn... but I managed to squeeze a snap shot with them.   I felt kind of ... "Wow! I did it!"  "I got to meet the great chef and shook his hand."   I told him about my adventure with his fried chicken recipe.  He asked how it turned out.   I told him it turned out good and taste good.  and I told him though that the cooking temperature is hard to control.... silly me... that's all I could say.... But in the book, he wrote, "It's all about Memories".   I think that is so true.   And I left Yountville with all the good feelings and memories of food I ate... what a night it was.

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