Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I am here but the PC is still not cooperating

I am so sorry to have missed so many postings.   It 's already end of June.     My PC desktop is still under water with all the photos locked up that I need to recover.   My first generation Pentium III with 256 MB RAM just cannot keep up with all the photo editing I was doing.     On the other hand, I have tested a few recipes as well as baked breads "my way" -- that means my own recipe that I would love to share with my family and friends.    I baked a loaf, and it filled the house with that wonderful aroma of "fresh bread is baking".     I also got another batch going right now.     I am hoping for the best for my desktop PC to recover.     In the meantime, I want to thank all the visitors for stopping by and also for joining my site.     As I stated before, if you don't see the recipe (because I've already used up my spare time editing the photos and uploading the photos), and you would like a copy of the recipe, please let me know.   I will post it as soon as I can.   If there is no request, I figure you guesstimated it from the photos.    If the recipe is owned by another blogger, I will refer you to their site(s).     If the recipe is mine, I am more than happy to share. 
Until my PC's happy recovery, keep-on cooking!

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