Friday, June 01, 2012

Tuk Tuk Thai - knock, knock ...

Tuk Tuk Thai was an interesting Thai restaurant with pretty decors.     It's been opened in our neighborhood for a few years now.   Out of curiosity, we visited the restaurant.    We ordered the usual 'must' for visiting the authentic restaurant - Tom Yum Goong soup as the tester.    We ordered everything at THAI spicy.     The soup was spicy hot and tasted good.   The spicy fried fish - Pla Nam Pla Wan  was bit disappointing, it's suppose to be the Orange Roughy - deep fried topped with a sweet and spicy tamarind sauce.     But I was very sure that it tasted like catfish.    I have eaten catfish many times before to know the difference.    Perhaps they decided to serve us the Pri Tak Oan instead - fresh deep fired catfish with young pepper corn and fresh basil.... but naaa, it has tamarind sauce, so, I think they decided to switch on the fish - unannounced.       Not so sure about the pineapple used for the Pineapple fried rice - fresh or reused?     Oh well, least the soup was good.    But would have enjoyed it more if the fish tasted like orange roughy.

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