Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whisker Nav Boe-Bot Project

Sometimes, you need a break from the world of the kitchen and spend some time to explore other potentials in the kitchen. So I did just that during the summer semester. My time was spent immersing myself n the "Introduction to the Robotics" class at the ARC, Sacramento. I spent hours and hours programming the Boe-Bot for the future world of modern kitchen. Naaa... not quite, but it is true that I spent many hours programming because I am not a programmer!! I just couldn't let the opportunity pass either, so I pressed on. It was well worth it. It's 21st century and our 'modern' kitchen is no where close to the Jetson Family style of living. I want to make sure that I take a step toward that progress. While this "Tactile Navigation Boe-Bot" does not take food order or deliver food to your table, understanding the principle of electronics and programming helps me to vision how I would like my virtual kitchen or the restaurant to be. This particular Whisker Boe-Bot will move forward and change its direction when the wire whiskers get in contact with an object. Then, at the end, it makes 360 degree circle and sing a song and stops. The other Boe-Bot projects included singing robot, remote control robot, (and Ping Boe-Bot.) I am hoping for some free time to build the Ping Boe-Bot, as it will have two "sight" scopes that act as "eyes".

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