Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homemade SHISO FURIKAKE with SHAKE (Salmon Flakes)

Finally my SHISO - beefsteak plants have grown successfully this year.  Taking the opportunity of the bumper crop and before any insects beat to it, I started to work with this wonderful aromatic wonder leaves.  FURIKAKE ("shake to cover")  is one of our favorite "spice" condiment flakes to top wonderfully cooked steamy rice or "OKAYU" (porridge style rice ... resembling risotto).  There are quite a few varieties sold at the Japanese or Asian markets.  As simple as the ingredients to this condiment, this is my first attempt to make it at home.   After nipping the leaves off the stems, they are washed thoroughly, then air dried on a large flat basket.  It is air dried for about 3 days.  They can be crushed between the hands or simply use the food processor with wand.  Then, toss it into homemade salmon flakes -- FURIKAKE with SHA-KE (Salmon).  Season with coarse sea salt.  Keep in clean glass Mason jar in a refrigerator.
  To prepare for this wonderful FURIKAKE with SHA-KE (Salmon) - the aromatic condiment, I was very lucky to have found Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon on sale.  The color of this salmon is so beautiful that I was admiring it as I  cleaned and deboned, sliced and vacuum packed the salmon steaks. The salmon fresh is in beautiful orange, nice and firm.  Definitely beats the farm raised salmons.  Whatever were left went in the saute pan with some vegetable oil.... not much oil, but just enough to keep the salmon from sticking to the pan.  Stirring the frequently, as soon as the salmon is slightly browned and look dry, turn off the heat.  Then remove all the meat and transfer them to a bowl.  Add finely crushed SHISO leaves, and coarse sea salt to taste.

 Trimmed off stomach area had plenty of lean meat on this wild Alaskan sockeye salmon.  Nothing got wasted. 
 Return the salmon meat in to saute pan and flake the chunks into very small pieces--'minced' and a bit brown and 'dry'.

 Transfer to a plate, cool.  Add the crushed beefsteak leaves-SHISO, and season with coarse sea salt to taste.
Store in air tight clean Mason jar and in refrigerator.  Serve a teaspoonful or two on top of piping hot cooked rice and enjoy the wonderful homemade SHISO FURIKAKE with SHA-KE. 

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