Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Crispie Cookies by Chef Kaden

"What shall we make, Nai Nai?" my 4-year-old grandson asks.  "I got an idea! We can make some cookies with.... Chocolate chips.  So I can eat them!"   "And we can take them to camping, ... give some for mommy,  daddy, and Mei."  So we started to gather all the ingredients.  We chose Crispie Cookies recipe.  The recipe belongs to one of the gentle lady I met at the Japanese Bazaar at Nichiren Temple in Sacramento.  The cookies are nice and crispie.  We all thought it was store bought.  Midori-san is willing to share the recipe, and I finally got a good reason to bake in the heated summer(100'F outside) on vacation at home with my grandchildren.  Anything for your grandkids, right?
The cookies are delicious with additions of chocolate chips or dried fruits or without them.

1/2 C sugar
1-1/4 C brown sugar
2 eggs
1-1/4 C oil
2 tsp vanilla

Sift and add:
2 C flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt

3 C Rice Krispies
1 C old-fashion oatmeal

Drop by small teaspoon on greased cookie sheets (or Silpat).
Bake at 375 degree - ***May need to adjust temperature and baking time according to your oven.   Bake for 12 to 13 min.  **Baked for  8 to 10 min in my GE large Gas stove oven. 
It's really good, Nai Nai.  I ate 4 big ones.

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