Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jasmine Rice with Oats

Eating for health is one of my goal for the Year of Tiger.  I like to use long grain Jasmine Rice (Thailand - New Crop 2010) for regular meal.  It is aromatic and flavorful.  I also add 3 sprigs of Saffron and some butter.   This year I am going to cook it with Oats.  For this photo journal, I sprinkled the rice with my favorite Japanese 'FURIKAKE'.

2 C Jasmine Rice (New Crop 2010 - Thailand - 3 ladies brand)
1/2 C Quakers Oats, after washing and rinsing, soak for 15 min.
3 sprigs of Saffron (India)
2 Tbsp Butter cut into small chunks

1.  Rinse rice till water is clear
2.  Rinse Oats in water till water is quite clear
3.  Mash 3 sprigs of Saffron in a petite bowl with the end of spoon, etc.
4.  For 2 C of rice and 1/2 C of pre-soaked oats, cook in rice cooker with 1-2/3 C of water.  New crop type rice use less water.
5.  Add Saffron and Butter chunks
6.  Mix together with spoon.
7.  Cook

My rice cooker is a old fashion one switch cooker - close to 30 years old.  If you have one of the high tech "Zojirushi" brand pressure cooker type rice cooker, follow its instruction  to adjust water quantity for Mix Rice.

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