Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Stripe Swiss Roll Wannabe

Happy Chinese New Year!  This is the Year of Tiger; And what a fun to find this interesting Tiger Stripe Swiss Roll to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
 Following Angie's fabulous looking Tiger Stripe Swiss Roll formula at this is how mine turned out.  I wish I had printed out the recipe procedures beforehand rather to follow my ingredients only hand notes.  Based on the ingredients, I used 1 stage method in beating the egg mixtures.  Then, I mixed moist ingredients with about 1 cup of batter that is at 'ribbon' stage and added to the egg mixture alternately with flour.  When I started to bake, I took time to recheck on the procedures and only to find that Angie used chiffon (two-stage egg mixing) method.  But for my first time in handling two separate components to create one cake, I am very happy with the result.   Do you see the resemblance of Tiger Stripes?  hmmm... maybe next time...

While still warm, roll up the cake between parchment paper and cool on wire rack.
Prepare the Tiger Stripes.

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