Saturday, November 14, 2009

FUYU Bundt Cake

FUYU Persimmons are our favorites or any of the non-astringent crunchy type persimmons are.  The best one to bite into is the Giant FUYU KAKI.  Love the crunchy and sweet taste and interesting level of textures in one fruit.  And we love the beautiful orange color in the autumn.
I came across this recipe from
I find it interesting that FUYU persimmons are used rather than the cone shaped astringent type for baking. But I jump right into and tested it.  The bundt cake came out beautifully.  I think it tasted better on the 2nd day.
My variation to this recipe is that I used 4 tsp of lemon juice rather than 2.  (I didn't want to waste the extra two tsp of fresh lemon juice that I got from the lemon in my garden.)


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