Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dried Persimmons Progress Report #2

I am posting the images of air drying HACHIYA (astringent, cone shaped) Persimmons from Day 1 through Day 13. I think the drying process maybe much faster in California, U.S.A. because of the humidity difference between US and Asia.   If the normal air drying of persimmons take 6 to 8 weeks than mine is drying super fast, but of course, there are other factors to consider.   I only have 11 hanging persimmons, one persimmon per string vs strands and strands of persimmons being air dried.   Hope this images will help any new persimmon enthusiasts on  "How to Dry Persimmons" or "What to do with HACHIYA Persimmons".  So this is how they would look air drying persimmons.  (Please read The Fall Jewel - Persimmons (Dried KAKI)  for "how to prepare" in my previous blogs.)
(Double click on the image to view vimage in larger size.)



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