Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I baked Matcha KASUTERA tonight.  I was going to do it without adding any MATCHA - Japanese Green Tea Powder, but I like the flavor, so I added two teaspoon to the KASUTERA recipe.
This particular recipe I used is quite involved in its "baking" process.  Like CANNELES DE BORDEAUX, the ingredients are very basic and simple, but the baking technique is quite involved.  The recipe instruction even call for wet newspaper to drape over the cake to bake the last half hour.  I couldn't follow that in fear of "fire" hazard.  I think this batch #3 turn out quite as good as the 2nd one I posted previously.  It would still be better if I can have the same type of mold with correct dimention to bake in, however.
I think the Maltose is very challenging to handle.  Yet, combination of MALTOSE "MAYA-TAN" and honey, milk and Japanese MIRIN (cooking wine) gives that special KASUTERA flavor and aroma that I've always remembered since I was young.
Even though I am quite satisfying with this batch's result, I will continue to quest for the SPONGE look... maybe by 10th batch... Yaiks!  I hope by 6th batch testing.
I didn't write down the recipe and baking method tonight, but here is the picture of how it turned out.  I will post the recipes and method when I have more time.

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