Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Finally got around making the TIRAMISU.
It was not easy to find the Italian Vicenzi Ladyfingers.  Luckily found it at a Asian market - SP Market at 65th Street, Sacramento.
The recipe is from http:\\www.joyofbaking.com - TIRAMISU
What I did differently is the amount of coffee and spirit the recipe called for.
I used 1/4 Cup of Meyer's Dark Rum instead of Marsala because that's what I have in my kitchen.
I used 1/4 C Burger King's "Joe" (Coffee) Black with some cream in it.
If you can get hold of strong ESPRESSO coffee, go for it.  I like my TIRAMISU with distinct flavor.  Remembering the bland coffee taste of TIRAMISU cake previously made in our pastry class, I modified the  Coffee mixture.  I took advantage of the strong aroma of BK Joe coffee and added additional 6 Teaspoon of Decaf dry instant coffee (Kroger brand.  Imported from Spain).
The recipe also called for 1/4 C Dark Rum or Marsala in the Coffee Dipping Syrup.
I used Coffee Liqueuer instead.
Instead of 1/3 C of sugar to sweeten it, I used 1 Tbsp of Regular sugar and the rest with TRUVIA to cut down on the calories.
I used one 6 inch round removable bottom cake pan and one 5 inch round springform cheesecake pan.
And, don't forget to line the side of the pan with 3" clear acetate band to help with perfect ease of removal out of the cake pan.
from http:\\www.joyofbaking.com
Serves 6-8
Some of the basic equipment I can remember of : Medium and Large Saucepan, Whisk, Heatproof bowl, Spatula, Mixer, Thermometer, Wooden Spoon, 3" clear acetate band, round cake pan or as in the joyofbaking site's recipe, a rectangular cake pan.  Cake cardboard for the bottom of the cake pan.  One 6 inch Tiramisu served 8 people and have plenty left for more.  I froze the other 5 inch Tiramisu to save for later.

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