Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Canneles de Polly? Canneles Adventure

Canneles de Bordeaux  --- I have never gotten so interested in baking pastry until my friend showed me the Canneles copper mold she acquired.    It was at one of her end of summer BBQ dinner she invited me to.    As she is an experienced French Pastry Chef, I listened attentively to what she was telling me about this tiny crunchy chewy caramelized cake as I ate her wonderful tasting flat plum pie she made from scratch.    As I listened to her, my interest got heightened by each bite of delicious plum pie.    Canneles (CAN-A-LAYS)?    How in the world I missed it during  my trip to France?     Hmmm… I went right to work as I returned home that night. I did a web search on all the information there is about Canneles. That was the start of my adventures of Canneles baking.     Thus far, I have baked 26 batches of Canneles.       Twenty Success, Two Flops, and Four Questionables.
I hope my Canneles journal will give you encouragement and start your adventure in Canneles baking.      If you have any question that I can answer, please e-mail me.

The Canneles images on this blog are from my batch 7 and 8. Copper/Tin molds were special purchase from France, and they are circa 1950, and they still work.