Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where to buy Canneles Baking Molds

I came across quite a few web forum asking where to buy the Canneles baking molds.     The molds are sold at limited number of places in US, I think. However, depending on how you spell the word "Canneles", the result group in web search engine differs.     By the way, there are Copper tin-lined mold, aluminum, non-stick aluminum, Copper and inox steel lined, gastroflex mold, and elastomold.     When you do an entry phrase in any of the web SEARCH ENGINE, you need to type: Canneles de Bordeaux molds or Caneles molds or Canneles copper tin mold.     The mold is sold individually and priced anywhere from $6 to $25, depending on who you are buying from.
Some of the sites are: **Some sites may have changed. Some might have discontinued.
Tip: Go to their Main Home Page and Do Search.

Interested in testing with Aluminum Cannele Molds?     Great affordable price at $4.99 ea.      How good is the mold?     I am not sure, yet.  I am waiting for my shipment (Purchased 12/29/2009 just now) from

MYCHEFSFAVORITES thus far has the affordable copper tin-lined Canneles molds.

Other favorite sites are:
The reason being that they do have promotional sales.
I am waiting for next group of Canneles molds to arrive to test my batch 9 and 10. Someone asked me whether I can use Low Fat Milk, etc.     Only a test will tell. However, I think in French cooking, the real butter and "whole" of something is the key to their wonderful rich taste.

So far, I have seen Canneles mold (moule in French) being sold individually.      I was very lucky to have acquired a set of 15 from France over e-Bay. It was a lucky buy.
I am interested in buying Copper Cannele Molds lined with inox steel, but I have not found anyone selling it.

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  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Did you have a chance to test the aluminum molds
    from yet? Are they good?

    Dee (CA, Irvine)


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