Sunday, August 01, 2010

AKATOMBO - Red Dragonfly

Today is Sunday, but I had to work till noon. Upon my return, as I gazed out of my patio door, I noticed a red dragonfly. It's not unusual to see dragonfly in my backyard, blue, black, violet... but this one just so happen to land on the bamboo garden stick. Kind of reminded me of Japan. This one seems to be more...burnt orangish in color. "AKA" means Red and "TOMBO" meand dragon fly. Even though it's orangish looking, I call it AKATOMBO.
I hope you enjoy it, too.
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Lotus - Pink Lips' Seeds

Beside test cooking in my kitchen, I enjoy tending the garden. They help me relax and appreciate the day.
This is the Lotus from my largest Lotus Plants - Pink Lips that I have in my garden. It lives in a 3 feet deep water. The Lotus blossom and leaves rise 12" to 25" above the water surface.

I want test germinating this fresh seed to find out it's possible or not or it needs to form into hard shell before it could germinate.

Found water sipping into the 'cut' stem of the Lotus Pod.  Time to drain water out of the container below the cut stem.  I heard it can drown the lotus.
Posted by Picasa       PINK LIPS 2009 - 1st blossom.  The pod looks quite different from the 2010's.
2009 Pink Lips' pod - much smaller than 2010's.

Romano Tomatoes Vege Sandwich

This year, Romano tomatoes are quite welcoming. They ripened much earlier than last two years - in the summer.  The previous two years, they were ripening, if any, at autumn.
The best part of these tomatoes is that I didn't even plant these tomatoes. They are the growth from the previous year's tomatoes that I left decaying with the vines. The first year I planted the Romano, the vine grew so densely and there were many beautiful fruits.  But, they never turned red enough on time for me to enjoy.  When fall came, the tomatoes were still green and even frost beaten.  To clean them up, they were too heavy and bulky to dump into the recycling container; so, I waited till they dry up and became light.  Ever since, the tomatoes are growing on their own.  Live or let die method of gardening seems to work.  I pay too much attention, and they all turn x!#@ RIP.
I made some fresh baguettes from the previous Tai-Chi Baguette dough I made and froze.
They turned out to be handy when you only want to eat a couple, instead of 10 baguettes.
So, here it is. Fresh Romano tomatoes from the garden, and fresh baguette from my kitchen.  I would like to say, " and avocado from my garden."... but not quite... I did managed to grow the avocado tree from an Avocado seed from the avocado I ate.   It grew up to be 7 feet tall, but right before the spring 2010, it died.  Cause of death:  frost bite.  So the avocado is store bought.
Another summer lunch made with ingredient from my garden.