Saturday, September 26, 2020

TOKOROTEN - Japanese Snack Noodle

 TOKOROTEN is not my favorite, but when it comes to hot summer day, it always make me to think about it.  I would go to the corner snack store and ask for it.  The store lady would bring out a bamboo tool - TENTSUKI and pass a jelly block through and out comes this beautiful jelly noodle.  Here is an exlanation from Wikipedia: 

Tokoroten (心太, ところてん) is a dish in Japanese cuisine made from agarophytes.

Then, a special TOKOROTEN sauce dresses it and it is served.  The interesting thing about it is that the taste to me is not wonderful or something I would really crave for, but it's like a hot summer without having a ice-cream cone.

I made a short cut and decided to boil this Potato Starch Noodles.  Then, I made the TOKOROTEN sauce, sprinkled some dry seaweed flakes. 

To make the vinegar sauce:
Combine 3 parts rice vinegar 
2 parts low sodium soy sauce.
1 part mirin - Japanese cooking wine.
               Sugar can be substituted for mirin in a pinch. 
Then, Slurp it goes.  Ahhh.... Really good.

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