Saturday, September 26, 2020

Fresh Coconut Meat - Bora Bora Dragonballs - Test 1

 This Bora Bora Dragonballs are my first try.

1 Fresh young coconut - after pouring the juice to a glass to enjoy, scrape the fresh meat out.
                                        Process in food processor to shred fine, but not into paste.
                                        Spread and process in dehydrator as much as you can, but not dried.

2 C Bread crumb - Mix with semi-dehydrated coconut meat.

1/2 fresh Chunk Pineapple - processed in mini food processor - till chopped with tidbits left.

Mix in a bowl, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp +1/8 tsp ground Cayenne Pepper, add pineapple bits; 1 TBsp Coconut Aminos; 3/4 tsp dry ginger powder; 1-1/2 cloves garlic; 2 green onions - chopped. 1 Tbsp Pepperocini, or 1/4 chopped Jalapeno; 1 large eggs, 2 tsp rice wine/cooking wine, 1 lb Ground Pork.

Make into balls and dip in bread crumb and coconut mixture.

Fry at low temp till golden brown.  Serve with various sweet sauce or chili sauce .


I  dehydrated the coconut in my electric oven for about and an hour and half.  It is still moist, but not dry.

This is fresh pineapple chunk I saved and froze.  Chopped in a mini food processor.  Left some tidbit in there, but maybe I will just chop them up with knife to leave more larger chunks.
This is my first time using Coco Aminos I found at the Sprout grocery store.  

Mixing all ingredients.
Using 1 Tbsp cookie scoop.
Coat with bread crumbs mixed with coconut meat.

Be careful not to leave the kitchen, even for a short 2 minutes.  As you can see from the image, some were burnt.
It's crispy outside and the center melted away in my mouth.   I kind of wished that it didn't melt away in my mouth and had more texture.  The next time, I need have more chunkier ground pork, that might help.

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