Saturday, September 26, 2020

Green Onion Pancake with Chicken Luncheon Meat

 I am getting really good at making this onion pancakes - crispy outer layer shell with tender layers inside with tasty home grown green onions.  This time, I added chopped chicken luncheon meat.
I was watching the Japanese noodle master mixing his dough in the YouTube.  What I noticed is his patience in mixing a small amount of water into flour and forming a shaggy dough.   Then, he put a bit more water and continue with flour hydration by massaging the shaggy dough.  The process is repeated over and over until  the dough begin to form into a ball.  Then, it is kneaded a bit and rested.
So I have been copy catting the process and mixing the dough by hand.
2 C Flour. 1/2 C of Hot Water.  Drizzle hot water into flour.  Mix to form shaggy dough with chop sticks or hands.  Mixing for 2 minutes and continue drizzling hot water in, and form shaggy dough.
Once it feels quite hydrated, knead and form into a ball.  Once it is smooth. Cover and rest in refrigerator overnight or rest at least 30 min.  
Crop, rinse, and dry green onions enough to make 2 cups.
Chop no-sulfite, no preservative Chicken luncheon meat.
Take out and divide into halves.  Roll out.  Spread 1 Tbsp Avocado oil and fold.
Set it aside and roll out the other.  Spread 1 Tbsp oil and fold.
Roll out and top with chopped green onion and chopped chicken luncheon meat.  Sprinkle with some salt to taste.  1 Tbsp of avocado oil.  Spread evenly. 
Roll up.  Drizzle some oil on top of the rolled dough.
Roll out to flatten intermittently flipping the dough as you roll.
Heat the skillet with about 5 Tbsp of oil.
Place the dough in the heated skillet. Turn it over once immediately.  Cover. Cook for 2 minutes.
Turn it over and Cover.  Cook for 2 minutes to cook till golden.

Slice and serve.


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