Tuesday, October 22, 2019

My Bread Adventure Pictures

Ran out of bread... shall I test out some other formula?  why not... so here we go..

Does not look promising.
What's wrong?  It's the yeast.  Don't put yeast in the refrigerator.  It kills them.
as Heavy as brick.
Bread in Dutch Oven.

Not bad looking for No Knead Bread.

This is still the yeast's fault.
Bread #3 - with some wheat flour

Hmmm.... doesn't look promising.

Bread #4 Japanese HOKKAIDO Bread formula... still the winner 
Add the TANZONG (Roux) and mix/knead.

It takes a long time to knead until smooth.

Brush the top - Egg wash.

The texture of crumb look different when torn and sliced.

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