Monday, October 21, 2019

All the Other Japan Trip Photo that Didn't Fit In

All the other fun pics.   (Double click the picture to view slides)
 Order and pay first at the machine.
 It's time for Shaved Ice.
 A little tour of Japan in 1950 - 65's.
 Hop-on-Hop off tour bus in Tokyo.  We got a late start after returning from YOKOHAMA, but we made it to the Tokyo Sky Tower!

 Hey! Snoopy!
Off at KAMINARI Temple

 Time for final leg of hop-on-hop off bus to return to hotel.  Lucky, no rain.


Time to eat.  So late!  where to eat?  they are all closed at 8 pm.
We found one right at the exit of the train station.  Chinese/Japanese restaurant.  Cool!

Aboard the SHINKANSEN Express Bullet train to KYOTO - BIWAKO Valley Ski Resort.
Famous Orange Juice with lots of pulp.
 Time to switch train from KYOTO to BIWAKO at YAMASHINA.

 Boarded the bus right outside the train station to BIWAKO Valley Ski Resort.  It's a FULL bus.
Lucky we got on early  Some customers have to wait for the next bus.  30 min. wait for its return. 
 Ready to get off the bus and run up to the ticket window.  Do we have enough time to do the Ziplining? it's close to 2 pm.  By-th-way, in Japan, they use military time - so 2 pm will be 1400.
 There they are again.  Straight tall trees as though manicured.
 Ready for the Gondola ride.

 Got the gears.  And orientation.  Ready to go Zipping.
 It's pretty high.  There are 7 or 10 courses.... we lost count.

 Unfortunately, they do not have a CAM video recording of the Zippers.  We had to video recording for each other; so we don't have our own video.  I wished I had the HERO on.
 Beautiful day here, while in southern Japan, it's suffering the big storm.  
 Time to go home.  Everyone on the Gondola give this funny scare scream each time we pass by the station ram, then, laughs.

Time for other adventures.  KYOTO TOEI MOVIE STUDIO
 Do you have the RAMEN Slurp KUNG FU?



 Time to go... Dinner!
 Omeletto Rice!
Then, in SAPPORO - in the rain, the tour must go on - Up the mountain to take the best evening view of the city.
 The reward: All-You-Can Eat Gingis Khan Lamb  BBQ

It was a great adventure.  Next time, I will add a few days extra to visit four other BIG Prefecture MATSURI.  And maybe a Camp Out!