Monday, July 17, 2017

Mid-Year Reflections on Home Made Food

Since I started on this blogging many years ago, I've tried several recipes from here and there, etc.   From time to time, I looked at my kitchen gadgets and wondered often why do I have so many of them.  Just recently, I was viewing the 10 things this and that you should know or avoid at YouTube sites.  And they reminded me why I have those gadgets and recipes and formulas when I could just go out and buy them.  It's because they got all these wierd additives and drivatives made from - "Surprise!", and I don't think none of us like those surprise I-Cysteine, dough conditioner, in our flour or in our baked goods.  What is I-Cysteine made from?  Check it yourself.  Then there is the Red food color... why I want to find a way to produce it from Beets, Cherries, etc. myself, instead of buying food made with food color or 'Carmine";  And those Vanilla flavored ice-cream made from Castoreum.   
So, again, I have to vamp up my energy and continue with my home cooking and not being lazy to give in.
(These are just some of the pics from the past years.  Hmm... Yum!!)

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