Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pink Lips 1 - 2015

This year my original groups of pink lips failed to revive after the transfer ordeal it suffered last summer.  I suppose if you don't have s container to support a large root development, try to keep the fertilizers at a bare minimum or none.  My over eagerness to nurture the original Pink Lips costed their roots to over grow in a tiny container in turn causing the root system to exert enough power to crack through the tough Rubbermaid trash container it lived for many years.  This Pink Lips photos are of the seedlings from the originals that I cultivated in a different container.   It proudly matured and survived the winter frost.  It finally blossomed into a beautiful Pink Lips.  I am waiting for the first blossom to seed, then I can cultivate some more for the 'just in case'.

Even the bumble bee comes out to say 'Hello'.   May be it is telling #2 the secret it found.   

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